Ethan Cannelongo

a designer, developer and teacher

Ethan Cannelongo

About Me

I’m a full-stack engineer specializing in building and designing exceptional digital experiences. Currently, I am dedicated as a missionary computer teacher, spreading the light of Christ within Latin America to countries such as Nicaragua and Guatemala as well as working remotely as the lead developer for Saltshaker Systems.

I like to

Express my creativity

from design to implementation

My Expertise

Languages, technologies and frameworks, throughout the development stack



UI Design

I am passionate about crafting solid and scalable frontend products, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to intuitively implement beautiful and dynamic user experiences.

  • React
  • Next JS
  • React Native (Expo)
  • Redux
  • SCSS
  • Framer Motion
  • Headless CMS

My Journey

How I got to where I am now.

Where I've studied

Liberty University - B.S. Computer Science

2020 - 2022

Where I've worked

PowerPoint Designer and iOS Developer - Freelance


Lead Systems Developer - Saltshaker Systems

March 2022 - December 2023

Where I've served

Camera Operator - Thomas Road Baptist Church

2020 - 2022

Audio-Visual Technician - LifeHouse Church

2015 - Present

Board Member, Web Developer, and Tech Consultant - Gia's Hope Foundation

2018 - Present

Computer Teacher - Club La Esperanza Nicaragua

Oct 2022 - May 2023

My Portfolio

Some of my featured projects

Featured Project


A front-facing video player for the Truthcasting Livestreaming platform, which provides a place where people can visit to view christ-centered content and livestreams created by various ministries and churches. My responsibilities were focused on leading the effort on designing and implementing the user interface and experience, including each animations and most of the functionality.


Featured Project

Gia's Hope

A website I voluntarily developed for the GIA'S Hope non-profit foundation, featuring a clean, intuitive and responsive user experience that is easily manageable. Developed using best practices within Next JS, the code efficient and scalable.

Next JS
Netlify CMS

Featured Project

Hula Bowl

The Hula Bowl is a college football postseason all-star game, and during my job at Saltshaker Systems, I was able to lead the full-stack development and design process for its website. This website features registration for athletes, scout and media; support for news articles and events; a voting system for the Hula Bowl hall of fame; as well as creating the ability to manage the dynamic aspects of the website through a central admin panel.

Next UI
Node JS
Next JS

Featured Project

IMF - Haiti Hospital

I designed and developed the website for International Missionary Fellowship, a Christian nonprofit serving Bombardopolis, Haiti. They manage and fund Hospital Evangelique Bombardopolis (HEB), the sole healthcare facility for 50,000 people, providing both medical care and spiritual support

Next JS
Netlify CMS
Adobe XD

Featured Project

Study Spaces

During my Computer Science capstone course at Liberty University, I was able to collaborate on an agile-based team to develop a full-stack, production-level web-application in accordance to the full-life cycle of software development. The goal of this application is to allow people to easily find, join and collaborate with study groups in their area. My focus was on designing the entire user experience as well as connecting the React front-end to the Node JS back-end, which I was able to help utilize to craft a REST API for the application.

Node JS
Material UI

Some other noteworthy projects

Wildflower Hope

This blog was voluntarily developed using Wordpress for a non-profit organization. It features a custom, modern design; email marketing integration; and many other features that showcase my ability with front-end architecture as well as utilizing the Wordpress CMS


Johanna Cannelongo's Portfolio

I designed and developed an author bio website for Johanna Cannelongo using the new Quik framework. The website is optimized for search engines and features fast loading times, thanks to the Quik framework. I integrated Decap CMS for easy content management.

Quik Framework
Decap CMS

Kyxa WebSockets API

Kyxa is a unique online multiplayer game that I helped to develop in collaboration with a friend. My main responsibility was focused on creating a complete Websocket API server to establish real-time multiplayer communication, as well as designing and developing multiple algorithms to manipulate data structures in serving WebSocket requests.

Node JS

Twenty-Forty-Eight Game

With the collaboration of an agile-based team, I was able to lead the development of a game resembling the popular 2048 tile matching game with several features added, such as the ability to set the layout of the board.


Task Manager API

A designed, developed and deployed Restful API that allows for user authentication and storage of personal tasks in a real-time database.

Node JS


FocalPoint is a cross-platform application built using the React Native framework. It features a modern design and functionality that helps people focus and keep track of important tasks throughout their day.

React Native

Let's Connect

I'm always open to discuss new opportunities, so if you have a project you think I'd be a good fit for, feel free to reach out!